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Mortice / Bit Key Cutting Machines

There are 2 main distinctions between mortice machines. Mortice machines that only cut Lever cuts and ones that cut Lever and Sideward cuts. The latter is only currently available in dedicated mortice key cutting machines. Side-ward cuts are not overally common however are found in hotels, churches and large buildings where a master suite has been set up using mortice keys. Machine's that only cut Lever cuts are usually either dual purpose machines or specialised machine that just cut some added keys as an additional feature.mortice_key_machine_copyright_protected (5K)

A dedicated mortice machine that cuts Lever and Sideward cuts will have a large Lever cutter and and smaller Sideward cutter. You will either have to put the keys in a separate set of jaws to cut the sideward cuts or most machines now have the ability to rotate the entire carriage 90 degrees to cut the Sidewards.