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Dual Purpose Key Cutting Machines

These dual purpose key machines have become more and more popular in the last 2 years as they offer the most economic way both financially and space wise to cut cylinder keys (front door type) and mortice keys (Chubb style back door keys). However, they do also cut a range of other types of keys but cylinder and mortice are the most popular. These machines seem to be primarily if not wholly manufactured in the Far East. They are functional but often not as 'stylish to look at' as key cutting machines manufactured by Italian and Spanish companies.dual_purpose_key_machine_copyright_protected (4K)

Although a lot of the far eastern brands look very similar and in many cases are just rebranded by different companies, some differ in quality. Gladaid's (Taiwanese) G888C for instance, is often seen as a more robust/heavier duty key cutting machine than some other Far Eastern brands.

The main draw back to Dual Purpose machines is that the Mortice side of the machine is more cumbersome and time consuming to cut mortice keys. However, after a bit of practice this does not tend to be a hurdle.

As dual purpose machines are relatively new to the Key Cutting machine market some issues with the operational manuals are still yet to be ironed out, often due to translation. So any further information or training a supplier can give is often useful.