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Cylinder Key Cutting Machines

cylinder_key_machine_copyright (4K)Cylinder Key cutting machines cut the Yale style front door / uPVC keys, padlock keys that look like a smaller version of front door keys and standard double sided car keys. 'Standard Car Keys' are often older style car keys and look like a double sided version of your front door key. The car keys will often have a plastic 'safety' head on them, these safety head's help avoid injury from the steel key in accidents. Cylinder keys are the most popular and quickest keys to cut.

A cylinder key cutting machine will either have a 2-sided or 4-sided jaw. With the 2-sided jaw, one side of the jaw will have a flat back. This side is used to cut single sided cylinder keys. Some smaller locker, window and padlock keys may need to be supported by placing a round rod that comes with the machine behind the key. This will raise the key blank out of the jaws so that all the cuts are visible. The reverse side of the jaw has a pincer type grip. This enables the user to hold keys that do not have a flat edge at the back such as double sided car keys.

4-sided jaws are common in dual purpose machines and more expensive dedicated cylinder machines. These will have 1 side for the double sided keys and 3 sides for flat back keys. These 3 sides have different depths allowing the ability to more easily cut smaller cylinder keys without the need to use the rods, as described above.